Two New Graduate Certificates Join Suite of Publishing Programs

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September 28, 2022

The Master of Professional Studies in Publishing program, College of Professional Studies, at the George Washington University, has expanded its offerings to provide two new graduate certificates.

The Graduate Certificate in Publishing (PUBL-GC) is designed for aspiring professionals without significant publishing experience, and for those needing a comprehensive background in the fundamentals of publishing. Students include career changers, post-bachelor and post-graduate students who have earned their degrees in other disciplines, and publishing professionals who seek to expand their skills and knowledge through high-level coursework. The curriculum covers editing and acquisitions, marketing and publicity, copyright and licensing, production, management and business, and technology and design. Core coursework for this 18-credit certificate provides a broad foundation in the entire industry, regardless of deliver method (e.g., book, journal, or online), with additional electives in specializations including editorial, business, design, marketing, and technology.

The Graduate Certificate in Publishing Management (PUBM-GC) is designed for publishing professionals who have been working in the field for three or more years, and seek knowledge in more advanced topics, especially business and management. Professionals with a minimum of three years professional experience in publishing can use this program to advance their careers with advanced courses in business management, editorial management, rights management, and entrepreneurship. To earn the graduate certificate in publishing management, students must complete 18 credit hours.

The program faculty includes nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the publishing industry, directors and senior management from organizations such as Duke University Press, Georgetown University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Disney Publishing Worldwide, American Chemical Society, and others. This ensures that the Graduate Certificate in Publishing and the Graduate Certificate in Publishing Management provide a solid background for entry into all areas of publishing. Professionals already working in the field can enhance their careers with exposure to the latest technological advances.

"From time to time, we’ve had inquiries from prospective students who either already have a master’s degree in another field, or feel that they don’t need the full, 30-credit MPS in Publishing degree, but who are interested in developing their skills in specific areas of publishing," says John W. Warren, director of GW’s Publishing program.

"These new graduate certificates are designed to meet those needs; the Graduate Certificate in Publishing for those new to the field of publishing, who will take core curriculum courses and a few electives; and the Graduate Certificate in Publishing Management, for experienced publishing professionals who will benefit from skills such as accounting and finance for publishing, global publishing, and other top-level courses."