Professor Warren Plays Key Leadership Role in Post-COVID Academic Innovation Task Force

John Warren
March 14, 2021

John Warren, program director and associate professor for CPS’ master’s degree in publishing program, will play a key leadership role in GW’s Post-COVID Academic Innovation Task Force.

As Provost Blake shared in late January with the community, the Task Force has been formed and charged with the goal of considering and recommending new and innovative ways of fulfilling GW’s academic mission.

The task force has formed four initial working groups to solicit input from key constituencies.

Warren will lead the working group for Graduate and Professional Students.

The other three working groups are as follows:

  • Undergraduate students – led by Professor Gayle Wald (CCAS)
  • Faculty – led by Professor Billy Mullins (SON)
  • Staff and academic support personnel – led by Professor and Associate Dean Guy Lotrecchiano (SMHS and LAI)

The task force will investigate experiences and lessons learned both within GW and within the broader higher education community during the COVID-19 pandemic. They will consider gaps, concerns, innovations and opportunities these constituencies have experienced during the pandemic.

"The scope of the task force is broad, but the timing of the task force is quite limited," says Warren.

"We are exploring what went well during GW’s virtual operations—for undergraduates, graduate and professional students, faculty, and staff and academic support—as well as what was challenging. We also want to discover ideas for the future, driven by challenges of the pandemic, and how GW can better prepare students for their chosen field or profession."

The groups will study existing reports, data, surveys and external resources. They will provide recommendations to the Provost on ways potential innovations can help GW fulfill our academic mission by late May.

Contribute Ideas or Volunteer

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