Toni Marsh Featured Guest on Legal Talk Network Podcast

October 05, 2021

Toni Marsh, JD, program director of our Paralegal Studies programs, was the featured guest on The Paralegal Voice, a podcast providing career-success tips for paralegals of any experience level. The Paralegal Voice is hosted on the Legal Talk Network. 

Toni Marsh

Justice For All, the Paralegal’s Role
September 30, 2021 Podcast
Americans are drowning in a complex court system. How will paralegals protect our access to justice?

It’s not just the poor. Even the middle class struggles with a complex and costly American legal system. 

Our guest, Toni Marsh, JD, is a professor and director at the George Washington University College of Professional Studies Paralegal Studies program and a fierce advocate for the role of paralegals. 

The paralegal profession is in flux. As Americans struggle to access their legal system, constitutional rights are becoming out of reach. Marsh believes paralegals can fill that gap as states explore expanding their role. Legal navigators, legal document preparers, and licensed legal professionals are stepping up. How can paralegals prepare for tomorrow’s legal profession?