Student's Dream Comes True

Huda's Dream Comes True with Hard Work and a Scholarship

CPS Student
CPS Student Huda Fawzi
December 19, 2016

Huda Fawzi is one of six CPS students who received the prestigious Cybersecurity Public Service Scholarship from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) for 2016-17. The program is designed to create a partnership between students and the Commonwealth of Virginia by assisting recipients with their educational costs - up to $20,000 - in return for working one year in a state cybersecurity position for each year in which financial support was received.

As a mother of three children and a part-time employee, Huda says education is the most profitable investment she has ever made in her life and that she always had a dream to get her degree from GW.

After earning her associate degree in Information Technology from NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) with a GPA of 3.74, she was admitted to the CPS Bachelor Degree in Cybersecurity for fall 2016. During the enrollment process Huda received an e-mail from the program director, Dr. Scott White, with information about the SCHEV scholarship. Being in transition from one school to another and running against time, she managed to complete her scholarship application just before the deadline. After a few weeks she received a letter that she had been wait-listed and would not receive the scholarship if the applicants in front of her were all qualified. Huda says: "At this point I lost hope, but decided to work hard to apply for the program again next year. Auspiciously, I received another letter in mid-November that I had been selected to enroll in this scholarship program. I was so happy when I got this information because the scholarship is very important for me financially."

This was a coup for CPS' Bachelor Degree in Cybersecurity under the leadership of Dr. Scott White to garner six of twenty five scholarships awarded in the inaugural year of the program. Frank Adjei, Ibrahim Kadara, Scott Boger, Aristotle Porras and Driss Tankirti are the other CPS recipients.

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For more information about the scholarship program visit State Council of Higher Education for Virginia's (SCHEV) website.