Publishing Students Share Five Career Development Lessons

May 28, 2020

Susan Chavez and Chloe Fells, graduate students in the Master of Professional Studies in Publishing Program, have published an article “5 Things Learned from The SSP DC Career Development Lab” in The Scholarly Kitchen.

Their story included their observations and five career development lessons they gleaned from the panelists who spoke at the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) event held at GW’s Gelman Library last winter.

Moderated by John W. Warren, GW’s Publishing Program Director, the panel included four industry professionals answering questions about their career progression.

The panel included:

  • Margaret Moerchen, the Director of American Geophysical Union Journals;
  • Shannon O’Reilly, Senior Global Outreach Manager for the American Chemical Society;
  • Puja Telikicherla, Licensing and Subsidiary Rights Manager for the American Psychiatric Association; and
  • Jasmine Wallace, Peer Review Manager for the American Society for Microbiology.


The five career lessons are:

  1. Learn everything. This was the most consistent advice given during the entire event by multiple panelists.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No.” This works in conjunction with “Learn everything.”
  3. Find Mentors. Finding the right mentor or strategic relationship can be difficult, but important.
  4. Get to the ‘Next Step’ (Or Don’t). Pause and self-reflect before making a strategic next move.
  5. Look to the Future. Future of the industry and trends.

Read the full story on The Scholarly Kitchen’s website (March 24, 2020)