Program Director Tierney Pitzer Selected to Participate in the GW Academic Leadership Academy

September 27, 2022

Tierney Pitzer

Congratulations to Ms. Tierney Pitzer for being selected to participate in the third cohort of the GW Academic Leadership Academy (GWALA).

Ms. Pitzer, the program director for the Information Technology bachelor's degree completion program, will participate in the year-long leadership program. The Academy selected 21 new fellows for this year’s cohort group from a significant number of nominations. The Fellows include a diverse group of standout faculty leaders from across the University’s academy community.

GWALA presents a curriculum designed to help faculty academic leaders hone their leadership skills and build professional associations across the university. Seminars are offered on topics such as conflict management, staff engagement, emotional intelligence and effective communication skills.

The incoming cohort of newcomers was joined by GWALA participants from the previous academic year at a combined graduation/welcome lunch on September 9 in the University Student Center. 

"I am grateful to our Executive Sponsor Professor Emily Hammond and Coach Sara Melita for preparing a rich set of discussions, along with expert guest speakers and planned group work. I was delighted to see that our first reading assignment stressed the importance of listening and reflecting. Our cohort of fellows are energized to work together."

Tierney Pitzer

Program Director, Information Technology
Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program

The year-long program continues with monthly Friday morning meetings throughout the fall and spring semesters. The program also offers additional leadership development opportunities such as mentoring, networking, executive coaching and use of feedback tools (e.g. Myers Briggs).

CPS has been well represented in the Academy with Ms. Pitzer, a Cohort III fellow, and Dr. Casey Burgat, director of the Legislative Affairs program, Graduate School of Political Management, a recent Cohort II graduate.

Dr. Burgat wrote a letter to the new cohort offering his reflections and advice about the program. According to the post, he advised the new fellows on some of the ways to take full advantage of the program. He assured them it “will be time well spent.”

“I am impressed that my colleague and Cohort II Graduate, Casey Burgat, GSPM program director, wrote a letter to new fellows, sharing his thoughts that the ‘guest speakers are phenomenal’ and that our ‘fellow fellows are the real deal.’ I can already tell from one meeting that he is absolutely right,“ commented Pitzer.


GW Academic Leadership Academy Welcomes Third Cohort and Celebrates Outgoing Second Cohort, GW Today, Sept. 15, 2022.

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