Luke Kasim Joins CPS as Assistant Dean for Recruitment and Admissions

January 18, 2023

Luke Kasim

Luke is a seasoned leader of recruitment teams, who has focused on team building and outcomes, as well as implemented practices that led to significant increases in applications and enrollments. He is also an enthusiastic collaborator with experience working effectively across departments at large and complex institutions. 

As director of recruitment, partnerships and teacher development at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, Luke developed partnerships with K-12 schools and educational associations, as well as developed and implemented metrics-based recruitment strategies. Presently, he is in his second year as co-chair of the Maryland Gifted Talented Advisory Council, which represents Maryland educators, business leaders, university partners and parents who support the education of gifted students.  

During his career at University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), Luke developed and strengthened partnerships with 100 community colleges in twenty-five states as a critical component of the university’s enrollment management plan. While leading a team of more than forty, Luke implemented outcomes driven recruitment and enrollment strategies in coordination with departments across the university, including advising, marketing, registration, financial aid, legal and academic affairs.

Before joining UMGC, Luke was director of admission at John Cabot University in Italy and Community College of Philadelphia (CCP). At CCP, he was responsible for overseeing an increase in applications, and collaborated closely with school districts, nonprofits, local principals and educational associations to accomplish that result. Prior to his time at CCP, Luke worked in recruitment, advising and enrollment at the College of Southern Maryland.

Luke has more than 22 years’ experience in student recruitment, strategic partnerships, advising and admission. He holds a B.A. degree from the University of Maryland and M.Ed. from the University of Virginia.

Luke joins the team on Monday, January 30.

More information about him is available on LinkedIn.