GW Publishing Students Awarded ACES Scholarships

3 publishing students, all female
From left to right: Amy Megill, Lori Sosa, and Gabrielle Bethancourt-Hughes, ACES scholarship recipients.
March 06, 2021

ACES: The Society for Editing announced that Lori Sosa, a student in Cohort 16 of the MPS in Publishing program at the George Washington University, has been awarded a scholarship in the amount of $2,500 for 2020-21. According to ACES, Sosa is the top winner in the annual scholarship competition. She previously graduated as an English language and literature major at Brigham Young University. Sosa is assistant managing editor of Friend magazine and has written and edited for a global audience.

Previously, Gabrielle Bethancourt-Hughes (Cohort 15) and Amy Megill (Cohort 14) were awarded ACES scholarships in 2019-20.

Program Director John W. Warren spoke with Lori, Gabrielle, and Amy about the ACES scholarships, their backgrounds and goals in publishing, and the importance of networking and membership in publishing societies such as ACES. On GW Publishing’s blog, they discuss:

  • Reasons they applied for the ACES scholarship
  • What winning the scholarship has meant
  • Their backgrounds in publishing and experience in the field of editing
  • The professional impact of becoming members of ACES, and
  • Their longer-term career goals in publishing.

Read the interview in the GW Publishing blog