GSPM Alumni Well Represented in Biden Administration

Rohini Kosoglu
Rohini Kosoglu, M.P.S. ’08, was selected to serve as Vice President Kamala Harris’ domestic policy adviser. (Courtesy photo)
June 14, 2021

The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) is dedicated to training the next generation of political advocates and communications professionals, so it comes as no surprise that half a dozen GSPM alumni are included in President Biden’s new administration. Alumni selected for service include: 

  • Tanya Bradsher, M.P.S. ’19 (Strategic Public Relations), was appointed as the senior director for partnerships and global engagement on the National Security Council (NSC).

  • Anthony Coley, M.P.S. ’06 (Legislative Affairs), was selected to lead public affairs at the Department of Justice.

  • Ike Hajinazarian, M.P.S. ’19 (Political Management), was named as the White House’s regional communications director.

  • Rohini Kosoglu, M.P.S. ’08 (Political Management), was picked to serve as the domestic policy adviser to the vice president.

  • Ashley Williams, M.P.S. ’19 (Political Management), was picked to serve as the special assistant to the president and deputy director of oval office operations.

Additionally, Biden nominated Carlos Del Toro (M.P.S. ’96) as Secretary of the Navy, according to a June 11 White House announcement. There have been multiple news sources covering the nomination.

Del Toro, an alumnus of GSPM’s Legislative Affairs program, spent more than two decades in the Navy and later founded a tech company. The nomination of Del Toro for Navy Secretary Nominee brings the count of GSPM alumni in the Biden-Harris administration to at least six.

GSPM’s alumni network permeates the upper echelons of elected politics, public affairs, NGOs, issue advocates, and trade associations around the world.

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