Dept. of Justice CIO Shares Knowledge with Cyber Master's Students

Prof. Billingsley with DOJ guest speaker
From left to right: Professor Billingsley with Joseph F. Klimavicz, DOJ CIO
October 17, 2017

Students in GW’s master’s in Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management program were very excited to have Joseph F. Klimavicz, the Deputy Assistant Attorney General Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), lecture to their class on Sept. 30 about the DOJ’s Information Management Plan.

Their professor, Joseph Billingsley, required them to read the DOJ’s Information Management Plan for their class, “Information Management for Justice and Public Safety Professionals,” because he considers it such a high-quality product.

The students gained insights into how things really work directly from this very senior government official. He shared professional wisdom and career development insights with them. Students asked about why he approached certain aspects of his plan the way he did and what keeps him up at night.

Billingsley said the students thanked him for bringing such a high-quality speaker to their class.