CPS Staff Recognized for Reaching Career Milestones

congratulations GW career milestone champagne glass and service pin
December 11, 2021

Earlier this month the University recognized long-serving staff at a series of events held at the F Street House for achieving employment milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20 or more years of service.

President Thomas LeBlanc and Mrs. LeBlanc welcomed attendees personally to their house and congratulated them individually. Career milestone achievers then enjoyed a lavish reception and got to meet and mingle with their fellow honorees.

In addition to a special gift, each person received a GW lapel pin with the appropriate number of years of service engraved on it. Due to the pandemic the 2020 event had to be canceled and so faculty and staff who had hit their milestones last year were also included in this year’s celebrations.

The following CPS staff were recognized at the 2021 Career Milestone events:

2020 - 10 Years:

  • Melissa Feuer, Interim Dean
  • Vanessa Fontana Keszler, Operations Supervisor, Arlington Education Center
  • Martin Velazquez, Dept. Operations/Admin. Manager, Master's in Political Communication and Strategic Governance, GSPM

2021 - 5 Years: 

  • Johanna Galt, Faculty Affairs Specialist
  • Lynn McKnight, Senior Recruitment and Enrollment Specialist
  • Kimberly Moler, Senior Instructional Designer
  • Rachel Neurohr, Academic Department Administrator, GSPM

2021 - 10 Years:

  • Ina Gjikondi, Director, Executive Education and Coaching, CEPL
  • Cyrus Homayounpour, Associate Dean, Marketing and Enrollment Management
  • Kateryna Pyatybratova, Director, Marketing and Business Development, CEPL