CPS Faculty Shine at Cutting-Edge Tech Conference

Prof. Lammert (left) with Prof. Uthoff (right) at eMerge Tech Conference presentation
Faculty Elaine Lammert (left), program director of HS & CSIM master’s degree programs and Connie Peterson-Uthoff (right), associate program director for CSIM, speak on the “User Privacy in the Surveillance Economy” panel, eMerge Tech Conference in Miami.
June 05, 2019

On a panel about data privacy, Elaine Lammert, program director of GW’s master’s degree program for homeland security (HS) and cybersecurity strategy and information management (CSIM) and former principal deputy general counsel and special agent of the FBI, discussed ways that government and the private sector would need to work together to protect consumers’ data.

Lammert and Connie Uthoff, associate program director GW’s Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management Master’s Program (CSIM), both CPS faculty members, were part of a robust lineup of speakers at the eMerge Americas Tech Conference, held April 29-30, 2019 in Miami, Florida and attracting more than 15,000 attendees.

In addition to the data privacy panel, our CPS faculty hosted a provocative cybersecurity crisis scenario simulating a major attack on an East Coast electrical grid during a snowstorm. Conference attendees participated in a decision-making exercise by being inside the mock White House Situation Room and voting on decisions for the best course of action.

Panelists Elaine Lammert and Connie Uthoff encouraged participants to discuss the unique challenges and thorny policy issues they faced and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges our leaders encounter during a major cyberattack.

In addition to Lammert’s and Uthoff’s conference presentation, GW was very well represented at the event with GW President Thomas LeBlanc and numerous faculty members in attendance. GW had a large exhibit area featuring interactive displays on a wide variety of GW faculty research, additional GW faculty took part in conference presentations and a GW student even won the Global Startup Competition.


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