CPS Employees Recognized at Career Milestone Celebration

4 CPS employees with 20 or more years of service with the GW president
From left to right: CPS staff Chris Deering, Rosa Martinez, GW President Thomas LeBlanc, Maria Escoto and Pamela Porter (GW/William Atkins).
December 14, 2018

President LeBlanc and other administrators from around the university hosted a Career Milestones Ceremony in early December to recognize university staff and celebrate the legacy of GW employees with 20 or more years of service to the university.

The College of Professional Studies (CPS) is proud to recognize four of our employees at this level of service, including Chris Deering, Rosa Martinez, Maria Escoto and Pamela Porter.

During the ceremony employees were asked to stand and be recognized for their commitment to GW. University leaders – including the provost and vice presidents from various divisions – commented on how things have changed since they joined the university. Reminders of popular movies, songs and cultural events that were happening when employees joined the university as long ago as 50 years brought many laughs from the audience, as well as a realization of how much things have indeed changed at the university and in the world outside the campus.

“Every day, every one of you helps write our collective GW story—who we are, what we stand for, what we’re proud of and how we serve,” President Thomas Leblanc said. “Your dedication to GW defines, not only our next chapter, but also the university’s legacy.”

Provost Forrest Maltzman, who celebrated his 25-year milestone, recognized those celebrating 15 years at GW, reminding honorees that in 2003, Starbucks introduced its pumpkin spice flavored drinks, the human genome project was completed and iTunes was launched.

“Since that time, the university has changed,” Dr. Maltzman said. He said the university has added nearly a dozen buildings, grown enrollment by 20 percent, increased its graduation rate, expanded its online programming and developed “booming” research.

“By almost every indicator, the university is doing well, and we couldn’t do that without you and all of your efforts,” he said.

CPS employees honored at the 20+ year event included:

  • Maria Escoto - 20 years
    Director of Admissions

  • Rosa Martinez – 25 years
    Executive Assistant (Alexandria)
  • Pamela Porter – 30 years
    Manager, Student Services
  • Chris Deering – 40 years
    Interim Dean, College of Professional Studies and Virginia Science and Technology Campus; Professor of Political Science

There was a separate ceremony to recognize those with 5-, 10- and 15-years of service to the university the previous day. CPS is honored to have had an additional five employees recognized for their service to GW. They include:

  • Samantha Luna, 5 years
    Program Associate, Center of Excellence in Public Leadership (CEPL)
  • Meghan Foster, 5 years
    IT Director
  • Jack Prostko, 10 years
    Associate Dean for Learning and Faculty Development
  • Sarah Gunel, 10 years
    Director of Operations, Graduate School of Political Management
  • Adele Ashkar, 15 years
    Associate Dean for Academic Excellence and Associate Professor

While all of them are currently CPS employees, their GW service years may have included working in other parts of the university. Thank you for your service to GW and CPS!

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