CPS Employees Recognized at 2019 Career Milestone Celebration

February 26, 2020

congratulations GW career milestone champagne glass and service pin

Congratulations to CPS staff members honored at the 2019 Career Milestone Awards Ceremony in December 2019.

The University recognized about 400 long-serving staff at events held at the F Street House for achieving employment milestones of five, 10, 15, 20 or more years of service.

At the ceremony, Dana Bradley, GW’s vice president for human resources and chief people officer, asked employees to stand and be recognized for their commitment to GW.

The milestone honorees were also joined by GW President Thomas LeBlanc, Provost M. Brian Blake, vice presidents from various divisions and other university leaders.

The following CPS staff were recognized at the 2019 Career Milestone ceremony:

Fifteen Years of Service:

  • Annette Allgood, Administrative Director, Northern Virginia Centers
  • Elaine Marini, Executive Coordinator (Alexandria Education Center)
  • Dova Wilson, Senior Digital Content Associate (Marketing & Recruitment)

Five Years of Service:

  • Cody House, Director (Online Learning & Instructional Technology)
  • Maria Salgado Naveda, Senior Research Assistant (GSPM)
  • Drew Santorello, Senior Multimedia Producer (Online Learning & Instructional Technology)

GW recognizes Career Milestones in five-year increments. In 2018, CPS staff were recognized in increments spanning from 5 to 40 years.