AT&T Center for Indigenous Politics & Policy


Group in front of the Capitol; woman looking at artifacts in a drawer

Through research, scholarship and service, the AT&T Center for Indigenous Politics & Policy supports tribal leaders and engages indigenous youth to promote public awareness and develop the political tools that will help them overcome challenges within their communities. AT&T CIPP analyzes a number of politically significant issues facing indigenous communities, including public health, adequate housing, economic security and education.

The Center will:

  • Consult with indigenous leaders and managers to identify barriers facing their communities and build upon nations’ own political capacities to overcome these challenges;
  • Engage indigenous youth and assist tribal leaders in concert with national advocacy organizations and partner universities in developing the tools with which to analyze issues and policy from a political perspective; and
  • Promote public awareness of issues of importance to indigenous communities.

AT&T CIPP also plays an important role in the larger university context as a catalyst for recruiting and retaining Native undergraduate and graduate students and will provide essential ongoing support services to these students and their unique and culturally rich backgrounds. AT&T CIPP will continue the University’s engagement with indigenous populations through its Native American Political Leadership Program (NAPLP), which provides full scholarships to Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian undergraduate and graduate students to study in residence at GW. 

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