What’SUP GW: Student Run Podcast Now on Spotify

Sustainable Urban Planning, SUP GW? Student Podcast with image of a microphone
September 12, 2021

Want to learn about #parkequity from leading experts? Listen to the what’SUP GW,” a new, student-run podcast organized and produced by students enrolled in CPS’s master’s degree program in Sustainable Urban Planning (SUP).

The podcast, launched August 29, explores diverse topics around sustainable urban planning. The SUP students will interview thought leaders and working professionals to gain local and global perspectives on sustainability, equity, social justice, policy and design as they relate to the built environment.

The first season is now available on Spotify, including six episodes about park equity:

  • Creative Placemaking and Building Community Power in Parks with Matthew Clarke
  • Recreational Programming for Older Adults to Improve Quality of Life with Bates McKinney
  • Cultural Competency and Park Equity: Renaming Parks and Building Inclusivity with Maija Spencer
  • Charrette as a Framework of Equitable Community Engagement with Holly Madill
  • Cultural Competency in Parks Programming and Design: Understanding Park Users and their Needs with Kyra Gmoser-Daskalakis and Britta McOmber
  • Park Equity and Aging Populations: How to Make Parks Inclusive and Accessible for Elderly Community Members with Madeline Brozen

Listen to what’SUP Podcast 

Tune in each semester for a new season of contemporary discussions about what’SUP with sustainable urban planning!

Also, follow the Sustainable Urban Planning Student Organization on Twitter @supsocities for podcast alerts and more information about their other activities.