Publishing Career Builder Webinar Series: Designing & Delivering Effective Presentations

We'll discuss the role of presentations in interviews, conferences, and professional settings, and learn to blend visuals and narrative for effective presentations. You'll learn how to rethink and transform your briefing or presentation slides and tell a story that connects to the needs of your audience.

This approach to lectures, presentations, and briefings combines an analytical/informative style used at the RAND Corporation and the storytelling approach used in TED Talks. It covers common mistakes, effective principles of presentations, uses of animation and builds that focus attention and illustrate your points, and ways to present your material in online courses or webinars.

Whether you intend to submit a proposal to an important conference, are asked to deliver a presentation for a job interview, will be briefing management at your job, or are lecturing students, the skills you learn in this workshop will be helpful in creating more engaging presentations.

The career builder webinar series is designed to provide training and discussion on areas that are somewhat outside of course goals, but may be important to your career or interests.


  • John Warren: John is the Program Director of the Publishing Master's program for GW. He has more than 25 years of senior management experience in publishing, having led groundbreaking initiatives in digital content development and distribution, including eBooks, short-form digital content, enhanced eBooks and websites, open access journals and open educational resources.
  • Nicole Mintz: Nicole is a Career Coach who specializes in executive leadership development coaching. She currently serves as the Director of Career Services for GW's College of Professional Studies.