Publishing Career Builder Series: Careers in Publishing Services

Join us for a wide-ranging conversation on career opportunities in publishing services.

Careers in Publishing Services

Careers in publishing are as diverse as the many niches and micro-niches that can be found in the publishing industry itself. Rewarding career tracks—and great entries into the profession of publishing—can be found in the varied companies that provide services to help publishers succeed, such as video, audio, data and metadata, e-publishing and editorial services, custom publishing, and more.

Join GW and our distinguished panel of publishing professionals who will share their personal experiences in obtaining and developing a career in publishing services.

You'll also learn about entry- and long-term career options, benefits and tradeoffs of this publishing sector, and how to prepare your qualifications for opportunities in publishing services.


  • Joe Attanasio, MPS, Data Conversion Project Manager, Westchester Publishing Services
  • Andrea Hoffman, MPS, Chief Delivery Officer, Hum
  • Jennifer Velten, MPS, Project Coordinator, Cadmore Media


  • Nicole Mintz, Career Services Director, College of Professional Studies, George Washington University
  • John W. Warren, Director and Associate Professor, MPS in Publishing, George Washington University