Leading Resilience in Homeland Security Organizations

Homeland Security Webinar Series

Presented by GW Professors Joshua Browne and Eric Martin

Across various homeland security careers, professionals are exposed to both direct critical incident stress and vicarious trauma, when interacting directly with traumatic circumstances in an active environment, as well as with victims and witnesses who have been exposed to such events.

The consequences of single incident exposure and even more commonly, the cumulative effects of stress throughout a career, wreaks havoc on our personnel and in turn, our organizations. These cascading effects are often manifested in poor performance, diminished professionalism, poor decision making, strained community relations, ineffective recruitment and retention, decreased individual wellness, and toxic leadership, to name a few issues important to leaders in homeland security related fields.

We will discuss how the integration of proper multi-directional leadership principles with organizational culture concepts, contemporary resilience research, professional experience, and successful case studies in homeland security related organizations, can provide a foundation for altering organizational culture, both at the micro and macro level, towards wellness and resilience, positively influencing the negative effects of unaddressed trauma for our personnel at all levels.