GW Homeland Security Program: U.S. - China Relations

What should the U.S. be thinking and preparing for?

The George Washington University College of Professional Studies introduces the third in a series of webinars on U.S. - China Relations, featuring Professor Berliner. 

US China relations featuring Professor Berliner, May 25 webinar

U.S. - China Relations: What should the U.S. be thinking and preparing for?

In the third installment of the series, "U.S. - China Relations," we will focus on whether the U.S. assistance strategy model regarding the Russian war on Ukraine applies to China, given President Xi’s expressed objective of annexing Taiwan as part of “One China.” Sanctioning the world’s largest trading partner and second-largest economy could have deleterious effects. President Xi is watching – what should the U.S. be thinking and preparing for?

Please join us as we extend the conversation with Maria Berliner, Professor of Intelligence and Strategic Analysis, in GW's Homeland Security Master of Professional Studies Program. We will continue to examine the key areas of competition between the two countries, the challenges each country faces and what the United States should do in response.

About Professor Berliner

Maria Velez de Berliner, Managing Director, RTG-Red Team Group, formerly known as Latin Intelligence Corporation and faculty member in the Homeland Security Program, is recognized as a subject-matter expert on risks and threats to the United States, its government and its private industry, in Latin America’s volatile operational environment. She is also known for her analyses on the Middle East and China in Latin America. She is a Professor of Intelligence and Strategic Analysis; Political Violence and Terrorism; Inter-Agency Cooperation; and, Managing Strategic Change at The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Professor Berliner is also an Invitational Instructor on Strategic and Tactical Security Threats/Latin America at various USAF installations.

Professor Berliner has been a regular Guest Lecturer on Security, Global Corporate Strategy, Risk Analysis, Development Economics, International Relations, and Comparative Politics at Lake Forest College, Florida International University, Universidad EAFIT (Colombia), and Canning House (London).

Her interviews on risk and security in Latin America, the Middle East, China, and Africa appear in América Economía, Bloomberg News, Latin Business Chronicle, International Investor, The Miami Herald, Your Money (Lima), and El Colombiano (Colombia). As a TV commentator, she appears as Latin American Security Analyst on Latin America and the Middle East on Voice of America and Middle East analyst on RCN’s TNT24 Noticias in Colombia.

This webinar is co-sponsored by the GW College of Professional Studies Homeland Security Master's Program and Bachelor's Program. The conversation will be moderated by the Homeland Security Master's Program Director Elaine Lammert.

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