Career Insights: Giuliana Macaluso, MPS ‘22 in Publishing

Award presentation at 2022 Commencement
Giuliana Macaluso, MPS ’22, receives the CPS Graduate Distinguished Scholar Award from Program Director John Warren at the 2022 CPS Commencement Celebration.
June 13, 2022

Ms. Giuliana Macaluso is an outstanding 2022 graduate of the MPS in Publishing program, College of Professional Studies, George Washington University, and recipient of the 2022 CPS Graduate Distinguished Scholar Award. The award recognizes the graduate student who best demonstrates the college’s core competencies of strategic thinking, communication, collaboration, leadership and ethics. She received the award from Program Director John Warren at the 2022 CPS Commencement Celebration in May.

In this Alumni Profile, Ms. Macaluso shares insights about her student experience and the impact of the program on her career.

Giuliana Macaluso

Giuliana Macaluso, MPS '22 in Publishing

"As I considered applying for this program, I was concerned it wasn’t the right time. Now, with the program completed, I am so glad and proud that I set aside my hesitations and my hope for the perfect time; this program has been a fantastic experience, and I recommend it highly regardless of career stage or level of experience."

What is the most rewarding aspect of the MPS in Publishing program?

The most rewarding aspect of the MPS in Publishing program is the chance to network with both experienced and early-career publishing professionals. Many courses in the program include interviews and guest lectures by respected publishing professionals whose advice is instrumental in planning for and executing next steps in one’s career. In addition, the program offers opportunities to make valuable professional connections with classmates with a range of experiences and perspectives that enrich classroom interactions. As a graduating student, I look back fondly on the friendships I have made with my classmates during the two years of the program, and I look forward to seeing how my fellow cohort members make an impact on the publishing industry in the future.

What are some of the reasons you decided to pursue the MPS in Publishing degree? Why did you choose GW specifically?

I decided to pursue the MPS in Publishing program because I have always been interested in practical applications of language and communication, and I am especially interested in scholarly publishing. This program covers each of these aspects—and more. The very high caliber of the teaching faculty in this program is a major asset to the learning process, and each professor is an expert in their field.

The MPS in Publishing program at GW is also one of the only publishing graduate programs in the country, offering a unique, practical experience for aspiring and veteran publishing professionals alike. GW also offers the MPS online, which afforded me the flexibility I needed to complete the program while working full time.

Who has made the biggest impact on you during your time at GW?

John Warren, the director of the MPS in Publishing program, has made the biggest impact on me during my time at GW. John consistently offers his individualized career advice and guidance to each student in the program and is consistently available for one-on-one meetings. John has a wealth of experience in a variety of publishing outlets and uses his experience to tailor his advice for each student’s aspirations. John has made it clear to graduating students that he will continue to be a mentor as we progress in our professional careers, and I value this continued willingness to support alumni.

To incoming students, I highly recommend meeting with John regularly as well as making opportunities to meet with your other professors, especially those whose career paths align with your interests and goals. The publishing industry is highly network driven, and your professors want to get to know you—don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and schedule a time to chat!

About Ms. Giuliana Macaluso: She is a professional editor based in northern Virginia, specializing in technical editing and copy editing. She earned her bachelor of arts from James Madison University in 2016, where she double-majored in writing, rhetoric and technical communication, as well as modern foreign languages.

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